Brown is a Color…

A good friend of mine recently lamented her futile attempts to control her weight. Her heart was in the right place – gym every morning at 5 a.m., but she just couldn’t pass up good food…or wine… Her husband consoled her by saying, “But, Honey, round is a shape!”

So I ask you – brown IS a color – isn’t it?

Over the past twenty years, the leathers used for upholstered furniture have changed greatly. The original dyes were pigments and offered smooth seamless coverage. But then the world class tanners started using the more natural aniline dyes that penetrate into the hide. In my last blog post (was it really that long ago???) I outlined several possible variations in leather, much of them due to this transition in dyestuffs.

So why do I go into it again? I think our switch to more natural looks precipitated our current sea of brown. The tones of brown – red brown, green brown, dark brown, rawhide and caramel – all lend themselves perfectly to the rich, lustrous patina of leather. As a leather groupie, each new brown brought on fresh Oohs and Ahs, with thoughts of chocolate, freshly roasted coffee beans, newly turned earth.

Unfortunately, enough became enough – it is hard for your eyes to adjust to the different hues when you look through a swatch set of 5″ x 7″ pieces, much less through a furniture showroom filled with brown.

Thankfully, those “world class tanners” got the picture and they started developing some colors on our leathers again. Our new leather colors should be reaching sales floors over the next several months and you will be surprised (in a good way!!) by what you see – lemony creams, plum, aubergine, light blue and azure. These colors are not the same “in your face” stark colors of the past – they are actually liveable – and warm – and salt of the earth stuff.

It’s tough out there in the real world, our homes are our safe haven. They should allow us to escape the stress and create our own little piece of heaven. Color accomplishes these things without us even knowing it; there are volumes of material about colors and the emotions they evoke.

Here is a list that I created from some of that material:

Blue – Calm & serenity – the ultimate escape color, blue skies, the ocean, need I say more??

Yellow – Sunshine & warmth – yellows attract the eye and get your attention – you don’t think they make “Caution” tape in yellow for no reason, do you?

Red – Strength, passion, sensuality – excites our senses

Orange – Joyful, stimulating, passion & adventurous

Green – Calming, refreshing, action, prosperity

Violet/Purple – Mystery, richness & refinement

White – Clean, purity, blank slate

Grey – Safe, balanced

Brown – Warm, secure & comfortable

So – yes, Brown is a color and it probably supports the nurturing we have needed over the past several years. But it is time to grow up and sprout – let’s add some color to our world and show our zest for life!